Heliprobe® continued

Labeling & Analysis

Carbon dioxide labeled with 14C can be analyzed with less expensive equipment. Before the introduction of Heliprobe® System liquid scintillation beta-counters were used for analysis.

The Heliprobe® instrument provides a method for analysis that is both easy and inexpensive. Based on Geiger-Müller counters, this technique was previously impossible to use with very low levels of radioactivity, however, this method’s simple technology has become a reality through a patented invention. The possibility now exists for any clinic to have inexpensive, easy-to-use and uncomplicated analysis equipment that can be operated by a layperson.

What about radioactivity?

It is true that 14C is radioactive and that it must be considered when assessing which labeling to use. The level of radioactivity per test is extremely low. The body exposure from one test is significantly less than the radioactive dose given during a normal X-ray.

Furthermore in the United States a federal law was passed in1997, which allows general use of a radioactive capsule with maximum1 µCi. Statement as follows: “any person is exempt from the requirements for a license provided that such person receives, possesses, uses, transfers, owns or acquires capsules containing 37 kBq (1 µCi) carbon-14 urea, for in-vivo diagnostic use for humans.”